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Pour yourself a cup of hot coffee or tea ... sit, relax, and join in the live, local cafe chat...
Nothin' more fun than sipping a mocha and meeting new and interesting folks from around the world ...

Friends Cafe Chat Friend's Cafe
Great place to meet eclectic people. Think of it as a coffee house down the block from you where the locals gather. Very strict with the rules.

Love Coaches Love Help Line
Have questions about love? Your relationship got you down? Grab a cup of coffee and call the love coach line. Professional love advisors, relationship experts you can call anytime. Excellent blend of traditional and alternative advisors with years of experience. Not free, but really worth it.
Free Love Help Articles

Live, Coffee and Poetry Chat The Starlight Cafe - Poetry Chat
Really fun poetry site. Submit your poems of love and night. Read the posted poems of others. It's time for you to throw off those covers. Meet other poets in the Cafe for live chat. But you must register to be where that's at... did I just break out in rhyme... whoa...

cafe chat Experience Project
This site is like sitting around a coffee shop having a deeply personal discussion with a whole lot of people you will never meet. Only on the Internet. Well organized and supported. Must register to add your experiences. Very interesting.
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Intellectual Coffee Chat The Couch
If you want to discuss philosophy, learning, the latest book you read, or anything else intellectual, you might check out The Couch. ... Also, check out The Philosophy Cafe and
The Philosophy Chat Forum

Psychic Cafe Chat Psychic Chat Cafe
I guess they'll know you're coming to chat, eh?
More New Age Chat.

Quick Cafe chatroom Arcanum Cafe
If you like to read, write or chat about poetry, fill that coffee cup and go check out Arcanum Cafe... great online forums about poetry and chat, too! It's poetic coffee for your mind. Registration required... but it's free.

Christian Chat Cafe Christian Cafe
This is a dating and chat site for Christians. You only get a 10 day trial membership, then there is a fee for posting photos, chat and other features. However, the quality of the chat and friendly members make it worthwhile.
More Christian Chatrooms

coffee chat Personality Cafe
OK, I will admit it. Personality Cafe is where smart people (particularly those interested in psychology) hang out. A very active forum with numerous topics. Difficult to describe, yet, highly interesting. Registration required.

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Cafe and Coffee Chat Directory

Quality Coffees Peet's Coffees And Teascoffee

coffee chat Ebay Chat Community
Lot's of folks are doing it ... getting a cup of coffee and checking their Ebay account, then, going straight to the community chat forum to see how all their friends on Ebay are doing.

gay womens chat The Pink Sofa
The world's biggest online meeting place for lesbians ... gay, dyke, femme, whatever ... The chat room is a fun, friendly and well-moderated space for lesbians to sit down, have a cup of coffee and connect ... Special offer for you Chatterhead.Net visitors, enter the promo code chatter8 for a free trial!
More Gay Chat

chat directory Just Friendly Chat
A friendly social network and chat community for grown-up over 18 years old. Generally, a good, fun, clean web chat site. Just Friendly Chat also offers both online chat and an active, interesting forum. You can also set up your own blog and check out the blogs and articles from other member. Free, but registration required.

Coffee Chatroom Coffee Forums
What would coffee chat be with a detailed discussion of COFFEE. If you LOVE coffee, in all it's forms (and enjoy some good company) you will likely really enjoy the Coffee Forum. Registration is required.

coffee chatroom Cafe' Mom's Chat
HUGE forum that is anything and everything about moms. Lot's going on. Must register to post to forum.

cooking help, food chat Culinary Cafe
This place will make you hungry. Lot's of food talk and cooking and recipes. Live chat and bulletin boards ... and some great resource pages for those who like to cook.

Coffee Chat Magick Coffee Shop
This forum, sponsored by Sacred Magick Org, is where you can discuss (over coffee or tea ... dare I say a brew?) dreams, personal feelings, Wicca, the weather. Young crowd and very interesting. Registration required.

Quick Cafe chatroom Quick Chat Cafe
Back by popular demand, Quick Chat Cafe is just a fun chat site. Grab your coffee and meet some really nice folks. Monitored. No registration. Good manners required.

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